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Tube Heat Exchanger manufacturers

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 2:15 am
by jthan123
Wuxi Huabang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Wuxi Huabang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel reactors, spiral plate heat exchangers, tube heat exchanger and thin film evaporator. It is located in beautiful scenery. Taihu Lake - The southern suburbs of Wuxi, railways, highways, airports in close proximity, convenient transportation, is biological, chemical, rosin resin, pharmaceutical equipment, professional manufacturing plant.
The company produces stainless steel reactor, strict quality control in the operation process, from raw material procurement, production and finished product testing to after-sales service strict checks, there are all kinds of tonnage capacity stainless steel reactor, stainless steel electric Heating reactor, stainless steel high temperature reactor, all products are made of high quality stainless steel, can be customized according to user needs specifications size. Other products include spiral plate heat exchangers, tube condensers, scraper thin film evaporator, rake dryers, etc. All products enjoy a long and long warranty of one year. Manufacturers are responsible for door-to-door delivery and installation and commissioning. All equipments are equipped with detailed product configuration specifications and operation manuals. Please feel free to purchase on-demand.
The company has strong technical force, complete production equipment, advanced production technology, perfect testing methods and high quality. Based on the principle of "survive by quality, reputation and development, customer first, and service-oriented", we are fully committed to the research and development and production of chemical, biological and pharmaceutical equipment. We have made steady progress in all aspects, and have obtained many companies. honor. In all aspects have made steady development, and has won many corporate honors.
If Huabang Intelligent Equipment can become your partner, it is our pleasure and your right choice.Tube Heat Exchanger manufacturers

Tube Heat Exchanger manufacturers

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:17 pm
by Sannvet
Thermodynamically speaking they are both heat exchangers, thats their main goal is it not? Remove heat from the oil to another medium.

So, hot air from the oil cooler over the radiator core is worse then directly heating the water with a heat exchanger? Whats the difference?
On the 75 T the oil cooler is located in front of the right front wheel, nowhere near the radiator.

My main problem with using one of these water/oil collers is that the temperature difference which is actually the driving force in the process is a little small compared to an air/oil cooler, also, another problem is that the heat actually doesnt leave the engine systems until it is removed in the water heat-exchanger radiator, this means that you really need a larger radiator...
Talk about moving the problem.

I guess there are pros and cons with both systems.

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