Rubber Material

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Rubber Material

Post by jthan1234 » Wed May 15, 2019 9:37 pm

Our History
Nine patents related to CAS high-performance fiber thermal insulation felt have been applied
Mar.2018Set up the production line of CAS high performance fiber thermal insulation felt
Apr.2017Complete The First Share Reform Successfully
Mar.2017Rewarded As Excellent High-tech EnterpriseIn Chengdu High-tech Zone
Nov.2016Rewarded As National High-tech Enterprise
Aug.2016CAS Nano Aerogel Thermal Cold Insulation Materials Get Success After More Than 1000 Experiments
Certified For Iso14001 Environmental Mangement System & iso9001 Quality Manegement System
Oct.2015Successfully Developed Vocs Automotive Modified Materials And Applied For Patent Of Invention(authorized)
Sept.2015Source-tree E-mall On Line
Year.2014A Wardde Top 20“high Tech ,high Growing”By Deloitte China
Nov.2013A Warded As High-tech Enterprise
Sept.2013Successfully Developed Aerogel Insualation Material And Applied For Patent Of Invention(authorized)
June.2013Certified Ts16949 Quality Management System
Year.2013Successfully Developed Phosphorus-nitrogen Non-halogen Flame Retardent,and Applied For Patent Of Invention(authorized)
Year.2010Company Formally On Operation And Get Into The Area Of Customize Modified Plastic
June.2006Cheng Du Shuo Wu’s Technology Was Founded
Our Factory
Chengdu Shuowu Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Chengdu High-tech Zone,which have been certified for "National High-Tech Enterprise ", IATF16949,ISO9000 and ISO14000. It has applied for patent of invention on 17 items(10 items authorized)and was awarded as the top20"High Tech , High Growing" in 2014 by Deloitte,the global leading professional service agent. In 2016,it was be awarded as Excellent High-Tech Enterprise by ChengDu High-Tech Zone,ShuoWu is keeping growing with high speed.
WIth the enterprise concept of "Innowation and Quality create core competence" and the product concept of "Environmental, Customize,Elegance', ShuoWu company focus on environmental new materials;
① CAS nano High performance fiber thermal insulation blanket
② Fiberglass blanket
③ Downlight Cover
Our Product
① CAS nano High performance fiber thermal insulation blanket
② CAS Aerogel thermal insulation blanket
③ Downlight Cover
④ Low VOCs environmental protection PP/PE modified plastic.
Product Application
Insulation materials mainly have two major application areas. One is the building insulation and insulation field. The construction insulation materials in developed countries account for 75% to 80% of the total insulation materials. The proportion of building insulation materials in China is gradually increasing. Second, industrial thermal equipment, kiln, pipelines, and thermal insulation of vehicles. Engineering plastics are mainly used in the fields of automobiles, electronic appliances, and communication equipment.
Our Certificate
Intellectual Property Management System Certification, ISO14001, IATF16949, ISO9001, Flame Retardant Society Group Member, Chengdu New Materials Enterprise, Chengdu (Chuanzang) Equity Exchange Center Display Board, Deloitte 2014 High-Tech, High-growth Top 20, High-tech Enterprise National high-tech enterprises, outstanding high-tech enterprises.
Production Equipment
Laser fineness meter, high-precision material thermal conductivity tester, thermal insulation thickness and effect measuring device, thickness gauge, oven, muffle furnace, universal tensile machine, density measuring instrument, flame retardant box, analytical balance.
Production Market
The production and use of thermal insulation materials continue to increase, with the increase in production and use in developing countries being higher than in developed countries. The per capita use of thermal insulation materials in developed countries is much higher than that of developing countries. The main materials for thermal insulation materials in developed countries are used for environmental improvement, living comfort and human health. In developing countries, thermal insulation materials are mainly used for energy conservation, and some countries have begun to use industrial (pipes, thermal equipment) to promote energy conservation in buildings.Rubber Material

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Rubber Material

Post by Willevet » Fri May 24, 2019 11:07 am

Hi all, any ideas where I can get close to original the rubber material in different colours for the inside of the bugeye doors ?



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Rubber Material

Post by Jeremynix » Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:49 am

I think demand for water has been translated into demand for rubber, however rubber production is tiny so the entire world has too little rubber.

пробовали скачать слот колумб ...))))

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